The power went out.

I turned on the radio. The power went out. I turned on the radio.

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"They were perfect, they were beautiful. They met in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nothing, and kissed where everyone could see. No words. No before. No after. They kissed and it was perfect. It was beautiful. It was everything. It was nothing." -Davey Havok

About me:
"Take it 'til your dreams come true
Sometimes now, I hope they do"

I'm STRAIGHTEDGE, PIERCED, FEMALE, and a TEENAGER. If you have a problem with any of those, gtfo right now.
Yes, Straightedge means that I don't drink, smoke, or do any sort of drugs. Sometimes caffeine gets added to that list, but I haven't made a final decision about that. I took the oath in late winter/ spring of 2006, and haven't looked back. People think I'm too young to drink, and I am, legally, but you'd be surprised at the amount of pressure us kids get, and I always say "No thanks, I'm straight edge." It's helped me a lot.
Pierced. I've got my right ear pierced four times, my left ear twice- I used to have my right nostril and a "smilie" piercing. They're gone now. All my ear piercings are stretched, the largest are 8 gauge, the smallest 14. I like it this way, so get over it!
Yes, female means that I'm a girl. Get over it.
A teenager. There's nothing I can do about that one, guys. Make up your own mind about my maturity, but I can't stand the way that a lot of people my age talk in i's and u's, or should I say is and us? OMG WTF LOLLERSKATES. Learn english. I'm a snob.